independent works

# 3782 / 182a  Rhythmogramm, ca. 1955
# 3784 / 1 Windkanal, 1955
# 3788 / 2 Blitz, 1955
# 9065 / 1 Schneesternchen, 1956

At the beginning of the 20th century a period of change forced photographers, architects and artists alike to question their role, task and importance for art and society.
Especially photographers and architects were torn between the artistic demand to combine art, technics, function and aesthetics on the one hand and on the other hand the financial need to satisfy the restricted requirements of contract work.

Artists had to deal with this primary conflict, too. They had to choose between creating purely artistic works without any relevance or to keep up with the time and the social changes, basically the increasing mechanization. In terms of an euphoric mood artists like Heinrich Heidersberger tried to use the new technic options in order to emancipate themselves and their works as to be of social importance.

The conflict between independent, artistic and predetermined contract works clearly appeared in Heinrich Heidersberger´s œuvre. In his photographs you find obvious references to art history (Laokoon-Group, Tryptichons and Nudes) besides „sculptural“ and „graphical“ aspects in his architectural pictures.

In the 1950´s an important, faszinating group of works emerged from this antagonism: the so called "Rhythmograms" . In a photographic mural for the Technical University of Wolfenbuettel Heidersberger realised a personal artistic idea and combined his role as a contractor with his view as an artist.

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