Das Manifest des Guten Herzens, Paris 1931
Gedankenspiele, Braunschweig 1948
Ohne Titel, 1948
Waldesruh, 1948

Heinrich Heidersberger began his artistic career as a painter and was a member of the "März" Upper Austrian Artists' Association.

In 1928,he and his schoolmate, Eduard Zak, were drawn to Paris, the center of surrealism. Heinrich Heidersberger attended the painting school run by Fernand Léger, who, however, spent more time in the local cafés than in his painting school. It is no wonder, then, that Heinrich Heidersberger turned away from painting and became increasingly interested in the medium of photography.

Only a few pictures remain from this early period of his work. Tracing the history and current whereabouts of these pictures will comprise part of the research work done by the Heidersberger Institute.

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