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Freunde Heidersberger e.V.

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Since 2001, the support of the Freunde Heidersberger e.V. has made a valuable contribution to preserving the life’s work of photographer and artist Heinrich Heidersberger (1906 to 2006) in Wolfsburg. It is the association’s declared mission to make his work accessible to broader public audiences, to continually present it in new contexts, and thus keep it alive. The association therefore supports the activities of the Heidersberger Institute, which has been dedicated to the scholarly and artistic examination of Heinrich Heidersberger’s work since 2002.

If you would like to receive more information on the activities and events organized by the Freunde Heidersberger e.V., or if you are interested in learning more about Heinrich Heidersberger in general, please feel free to visit us at the institute in Wolfsburg Castle or our website: freunde.heidersberger.de.

We would be pleased to welcome you as a new member of the Freunde Heidersberger e.V. If you are interested, please send a completed application form to:

Freunde Heidersberger e.V.
Schlossstraße 8
38448 Wolfsburg
Tel: 05361.655.913
Fax: 05361.655.914

Bank details:
Sparkasse Celle-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg
IBAN: DE08 2695 1311 0031 8034 30

Association registration number: VR 100708, Braunschweig Local Court

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