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Created in the early 1950s, Heinrich Heidersberger’s Rhythmograms qualify him as a pioneer of algorithmic art, which has drawn significant interest as NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens - NFTs) since 2020. Created seventy years ago, his works of art are therefore part of a highly topical discussion.

Digital certificates of ownership open up a whole new market for cryptoart on the internet. To explore this new medium, we decided to partner with elementum.art from Switzerland in 2022 and with expanded.art in Berlin in 2023.

“ELEMENTUM.ART only offers you important and historical NFTs. Our mission is to present truly pioneering artworks, instead of the copycats and hype-makers. The history of NFTs is mostly unwritten, until now, which makes you feel unsure about their true value. This can be challenging to navigate and that’s why we work closely with digital art specialists, curators, art historians, institutions, and writers.”


“EXPANDED.ART turns Web3 inside out and expands the notion of a gallery and an online marketplace by being both. The focus is on the history of digital art and on supporting female and non-binary artists. Art is made collectible for everyone by offering NFTs and editions. EXPANDED.ART presents yesterday’s pioneers and today’s avant-garde.”


Heinrich Heidersberger’s NFTs can be found on the crypto platform opensea.io: