# 3514_23+24 " Die oder Die" für Brunsviga Rechenmaschinen, Braunschweig ca. 1950

The Förderverein Atelier Heinrich Heidersberger e. V. (Friends of Heinrich Heidersberger's Studio) makes an important contribution to preserving Heinrich Heidersberger's life works in Wolfsburg.

Your membership will help to support the work and objectives of the Heidersberger Institute.

This membership also offers you some very special benefits. As one example, members are offered exclusive annual editions at special prices.

Membership fees:

Reduced price (pupil/student):   € 14
Single fee:   € 28
Family fee:   € 42

Needless to say, you are always at liberty to donate any sum to the organization that you feel is appropriate.

This organization is a non-profit organization and any sum you donate is tax-deductible.

We would be happy to welcome you into our circle of members.

Förderverein Atelier Heinrich Heidersberger e. V
Schloßstr. 8
38448 Wolfsburg
Fax: +49/(0)5361/655-914

Bank connection:
Sparkasse Gifhorn-Wolfsburg
Bank code 269.513.11
Account no. 031.803.430

Register of associations: VR 100708, Local Court Braunschweig

Letzte Änderung: 30.5.2023